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Thu, April 22nd, 2021 @ 5:59PM EDT


In Person, Virtual Venue and Hybrid ticketing and monetization !


  • SELL TICKETS to your in Person Events and optionally provide Pay Per view Live stream or Next-Day-Virtual.

  • Leverage the LOWEST ticket and service fees in the industry. (Nearly HALF that of eventbrite, ticketmaster or others)

  • Say goodbye to monthly or annual subscription fees and say hello to a full featured, FREE, secure, and easy to use ticket platform for all of your live events.

  • Offer bundled promotions and discounts for in person, livestream or hybrid events. (gift certificates, venue merchandise, etc)

  • Provide click-through analytics to event sponsors and advertisers using our Advertise! platform embedded into your in broadcast event ads

  • Interested in Virtual Events ? ... Either "Bring your own stream" or reach out to Tenband Productions about a turn-key installation or video production rental for your own "Virtual Venue"


  • Monetize your Livestream or pre-recorded event via "Virtual Venue Pay-Wall"

  • Collect donations and tips via the "Virtual Venue Tip Jar"

  • Sell your merchandise at the "Virtual Venue Merch Stand" during your LIVE! or Next-Day-Virtual Event.

  • "Bring your own livestream" or reach out to Tenband Productions for onsite streaming turn-key rental or full production.


  • Add additional revenue streams to your business by offering your or own Paywall and Livestream Platform ! Stream your events on our state of the art Streaming platform TenbandTV and make your event available to viewers on web/mobile and Roku, AmazonFireTV and AppleTV

  • Leverage the LOWEST ticket and service fees in the livestream industry.

  • "Bring your own Livestream" or leverage one our engineered mobile turn-key livestream rigs for rental or purchase.

  • Produce Broadcast quality livestream concerts and events with 1-3 techs trained to use our engineered turn-key solutions.

grab a free ticket to the event here and see Virtual Venues in Action !

To learn more, reach out to Tenband Productions today !

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